Benefits of Wood

We all love the look of a flickering fire to add a little warmth and comfort. And nothing beats the hypnotic sight of a wood fire.

Wood is a sustainable resource that looks after you and the planet. Wood is a renewable resource, unlike many energy sources like coal, gas and oil.

Furthermore the process of growing and cutting down trees for wood emits the same amount of carbon dioxide that would have been released from the tree if it had died naturally. This means that wood is considered a carbon neutral fuel and by installing a wood fireplace you are in fact reducing your home’s environmental impact.

Wood burning fireplaces can drastically reduce your electricity and gas bill. Finding good wood for burning needn’t be a chore either. Sourcing offcuts from local joiners and woodworkers means you can have fuel for the fire and help reduce landfill.

So take a look at our great range of fires including the Décofire Fire Drum, a stylish fire pit that is a great option when short on outdoor floor space. There is also the Huracán Fire Pit, an eye-catching fire pit and the Orbis Fire Pit which combines quality craftsmanship with a beautiful bowl-shaped fire pit. The Caldera 3-Way Fire Pit features an innovative 3-way decorative mesh surround. You can style this fire pit how you like, to suit your outdoor space and mood.