Top tips for cosy outdoor entertaining

With some smart outdoor heating and clever backyard styling, you can enjoy fantastic outdoor entertaining in comfort and style all year round. Here are the top tips for cosy outdoor entertaining this winter.

Go Naked – without doubt, there’s nothing that warms your hands or your heart more on a winter’s day, than the inviting glow of a dancing naked flame.  A real fire creates an eye-catching centrepiece for any outdoor space and provides a focal point around which to gather with family and friends when entertaining outdoors.  A modern fire pit is a great outdoor heating solution, providing warmth combined with ambient style.

Fire Style – when it comes to choosing a fire pit, consider the amount of space you have available.  If you have a generous backyard and you are a regular outdoor entertainer, then opt for a good sized fire pit with a generously sized fire bowl.  This will provide a bigger heat out-put over a wider distance and a longer burning time without the need to keep re-fuelling.  If however, you have a small backyard, then it pays to go up in height, so opt for a vertical or cylindrical design style that will heat your area without taking up precious floor space.

Comfort Zone – unlike in summer where the barbecue can often take centre stage, in winter, it’s time for your fire pit to shine. The right design can be a beautiful focal point if your outdoor space is lacking that something special.  When entertaining, arrange seating around the fire pit so everyone enjoys the warmth and entrancing flicker of the flames

Rug up – create a warm welcome for guests by providing blankets and throws for them to snuggle up under.  Choose rich colours – think shades of orange, burnt amber and flames of red.  Add co-ordinated cushions in sumptuous textures and luxurious weaves to complete your comfort zone.

Light the Way – set the mood for your winter soirée with pretty table lights, stylish hanging lamps and scented outdoor candles.  Weave a string of paper lanterns through a tree or around a post or pillar to create a magical outdoor setting that will enchant your family and friends to create happy memories for many years to come.