History of Fire

Fireplaces date back to prehistoric times. A source of heat, a place to cook food. They are used to stay warm and provide heat on a cold day or night. Fireplaces were often designed to be a communal place where people gather together.

Ancient fire pits were centrally positioned in the middle of the room, maximising the number of people who could warm up around it. A hole in the ceiling would provide a draft through for the smoke to escape. This design lasted for thousands of years until homes became taller facilitating the next design innovation. The fireplace was moved to the outside wall. People didn’t want to build a fire in the middle of a wood floor on the second story. So it was easier to set the fireplace and chimney. By venting the fireplace up through the roof, a draft was created, drawing the smoke up.

Today, while the modern fireplace comes in all shape and sizes, the traditional fire pits still perform the same roll, albeit with a slightly more stylish twist.  Just take a look at the stunning range including the Décofire Fire Drum, the Huracán Fire Pit, the Orbis Fire Pit and the Caldera 3-Way Fire Pit.